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Istanbul DOSU Maya is a globally operating baking yeast producer that is constantly evolving in line with trends and innovations in the baking sector.


Istanbul DOSU Maya is a commercial company, established in Turkey, Istanbul; that is offering good quality baking yeast and bread ingredients. Istanbul DOSU Maya company benefits of a high expertise in the distribution of fresh and instant dry yeast along with bread improvers and is always evolving in line with the trends in the baking sector. Thanks to the constant quality & diversity of the products, Istanbul DOSU Maya is nowadays a global player, meeting the demands of the bakers all over the world.


The most important goal of our quality policy is to ensure a high and constant quality of yeasts and bread improvers. Istanbul DOSU Maya dedicated sales team is always available to ensure a high level of services and a closer proximity to its customers.


In the baking field, having the needs and expectations of the customers always in mind, Istanbul DOSU Maya provides a variety of products and applied technologies solutions.

Our brands are produced in accordance with the Halal certificate.

Instant Dry Yeast

Instant dry yeast can be added directly into the mixer and does not need to be rehydrated. Thanks to its vacuum packaging, the fermentation power remains stable and highly effective. The product is available in several brands and packaging formats from 80g to 500g. This yeast is very valuable for our craft bakers and industrial bakers’ customers and can be used for all type of bread applications.

Your Baking Partner

Available packaging formats:
100g, 125g, 450g, 500g

Fiercely Efficent

Available packaging formats:
450g, 500g

The Essence Of Baking

Available packaging formats:
80g, 125g, 450g, 500g

Fresh Yeast

Easy to use, fresh yeast is very commonly used in bread-making. Fresh yeast is presented in the form of friable blocks and can be mixed directly into the mixer. The yeast is suitable for all kinds of bread applications.


Available packaging formats:

Bread Improver


Bread improvers are commonly used to enhance the dough and increase dough tolerance during the different production stages. Top Mix was developed to ease the daily work of the bakers and optimize the functional characteristics of the bread.


Istanbul DOSU Maya participated in Gulfood 2018 the world's largest annual food event.
Istanbul DOSU Maya was also in Dubai during the Gulfood Manufacturing of November 2018.


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